10 Cubes (blocks for infants) - Forest

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Check out the Djeco Stackable Cube. It is made up of 10 sturdy cardboard cubes that fit nicely into each other for handy storage, yet bring hours of fun as your child stacks them on top of each other.  When all 10 Djeco cubes are stacked up, they measure 89cm – a perfect tower to knock over and rebuild.

Like all Djeco products, time has been put not only into quality but also into design, and these stacking cubes have beautiful images of forest animals for your child to get to know. Each cube has a large number on it, helping your child recognise numbers 1-10 and teaching them how to count that number of small creatures – eg the largest block has the number 10 printed on it and 10 bumble bees.

The 5 sides to each Djeco Stackable cube have

– a forest animal

– that animal up a tree

– the mummy and baby images of that forest animal

– numbers and

– patterns

These stacking blocks make lovely baby or christening presents that will bring hours of play and fun. They come packed in a lovely box that measures 15 x 15 x 15cm.

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