Busy Bee Kitchen Kit

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This boxed kit has everything you need to start your zero-waste journey and to help Irish Bee species at the same time.

Beeswax Wraps are washable and re-usable for a year or more. They are made with 100% cotton, beeswax, natural tree resin and jojoba oil. The Eco-Sponge is 100% compostable, zero-waste friendly and when it gets dirty throw it in the wash (40°C) rather than throw away, no plastic, no chemicals. Ballyvourney Beeswax and Jojoba Oil Revive Bar will allow your wraps to last even longer than a year. Simply grate over your wraps and melt in a low oven, re-distribute the wax using a basting brush and voila!  Like new. The Beeswax Bar is light and creamy colour due to the flowers growing near the hives such as white clover, lime blossom and blackberry.

Sit back, throw your seedbombs wait for your bee habitat to grow and you’ll be buzzing.

The Revive Bar will make this special parcel smell amazing as its delivered to you or to someone special as a gift.

Kit Contains:

  • 4 Pack of Busy Bee Beeswax Wraps (X Large, Large, Medium and Small Wrap)
  • Zero Waste Blue Eco-Sponge
  • Save the Bees Irish Wildflower Seedbomb box
  • Ballyvourney Beeswax and Jojoba Oil Revive Bar
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