Cover to Cover August 8 2020

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Cover to Cover

6 - 10 years old

August 8


€15 incl. Creative Art Kit 


Sheena Dempsey + Jane Landy

Gringer the Whinger. A picture book about the legendary Skerries dragon


In this month’s Cover to Cover we are looking at how characters are created and how they express their emotions. Inspired of Sheena Dempsey’s illustrations of Gringer the Whinger, a cantankerous dragon, we draw our own dragons and mystical creatures and learn how to create facial expressions for our characters.

Participants will be provided with a Glucksman Creative Art Kit, and will explore the magic of watercolour pencils and sketching items like charcoal to illustrate figures, animals, and dragons for their stories. 


The Glucksman Creative Art Kit supplies every child with all the materials they need. Children will take their own Kit home at the end of the session and it contains an A5 sketchbook, a set of watercolour pencils, a pencil, and a brush.

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