DIY Beeswax Wrap Kit Instructions

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Kit Contains:

  • Ballyvourney & BantryBeeswax Bars – The hexagonal beeswax blocks are pre-mixed with jojoba oil to add suppleness to your wraps.  Made from local Ballyvourney & Bantry beeswax. Sustainably sourced beeswax from County Corks most pampered bees. Light and creamy colour due to the flowers growing near the hives such as white clover, lime blossom and blackberry.
  • Olive wooden button – Handmade by a Maria who owns an organic olive farm. She prunes the olive branches annually and then uses them to make these amazing buttons! Dried for a year, sanded, drilled and then sealed with beeswax – Each unique button has a silky-smooth matt surface, washable and will last for years. Simply rub with the Ballyvourney beeswax bar to give them their sheen back when needed.
  • Natural Irish Waxed Linen Thread
  • 100% Natural Beech FSC certified Wooden Basting Brush
  • Natural FSC certified wood peg to hang your wraps to set
  • 3  x Unwaxed Wraps (large, medium and small). Can differ from images but will have the same theme.
  • Unbleached, chlorine free and certified compostable parchment paper
  • Detailed Instruction leaflet


The instructions:

  1. Pre-heat oven to 80°C
  2. Place the unwaxed wrap on the unbleached parchment paper.
  3. Grate your Ballyvourney beeswax Bar evenly over your unwaxed wrap – covering all areas. Being careful to use the desired amount to have enough for all your unwaxed wraps.
  4. Put the tray into the pre-heated oven for a few minutes until the wax has melted – watching and monitoring continuously.
  5. Take it out and using the basting brush distribute the newly melted wax blend across the surface of your wrap. No need to turn over as the wax will melt through the fabric to the other side, waxing both sides.
  6. Using tongs remove from baking paper and hang to set.
  7. Once set you can sew your button on to make a cute sandwich bag or snack pouch out of one of your new wraps.

Note of caution: Melting wax can be very hot and beeswax liquefies at a low temperature – take all necessary safety precautions using oven gloves and tongs. We recommend you wash and dry your cotton before you start.

Once set your beeswax wrap is ready to go! Wrap cheese, fruit, bowls, sandwiches. The wrap wont be as quite as tacky as the signature blend on the pre-made wraps but they will work just as well and last just as long.

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