Leko & Leko- Finesse

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Finesse: Subtlety, delicacy and skill are all qualities described by doing something with finesse — and they can all be seen in the fine, undulating lines of this popular pendant.


Material: Bog-oak. Most of the bog-oak used is in the range of around 5-thousand-year-old. The Bog-oak is very dark brown or almost black colour, which is its natural colour due to a very old age. No chemicals are used to darken the wood. The only addition to the wood is organic olive oil used for a final polish.


Chain: Oxidised or blackened silver. This chain is genuine Sterling Silver. Leko & Leko uses a method to oxidise the chain, to achieve a surface dark patina. With time and wear, this darkened effect will slowly disappear, and silver will again shine through. 

Process: Handmade

Dimensions: Bog-oak size: 80mm x 50mm x 5mm, all pieces are handcrafted slight differences will occur.

Oxidised sterling silver chain: 2.5mm Belcher Chain18"/45cm

Leko & Leko presentation box included dimension: 167mm x 167mm x 40mm.

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