Library - 120ml Candle

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Library - 120ml Candle

Like a first edition of Ulysses! Curl up and get lost in the scent and the story.

Scent Type:  Woody

Mood Set For: Cosy Up & Relax

Recommended  Room: We love this in the bedroom but it’s also perfect for anywhere you read, be that in your living room or home office.

A wise man once said ‘I have many leather bound books’, because there’s something comforting about the smell of a book. It’s a scent you can escape and get completely lost in. With notes of plum, peony, patchouli and leather let your mind wander and see where this scent takes you.

Top: Mirabelle Plum & Peach

Middle: Pink Peonies & Violet Petals

Base: Distressed Leather, Wild Patchouli & Madagascar Vanilla 

120ml candle will burn for approximately 20 hours.

Candle Care Instructions: Burn for a minimum of one hour or until the top layer has fully melted, this ensures an even melt, and don’t forget to trim your wick! It’s best to do it after each burn.

This Makes Scents is a sustainable and eco-friendly home fragrance company based in the Wicklow mountains. 

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