Wooden tea lights candle holder

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Wooden tea lights candle holder
Handmade by Coppiceworks
Includes a tea light candle

These are made from elm, sycamore, yew and ash wood, they vary in form and have all their unique grain. Each tea light candle holder is unique, an ideal gift that will add a wonderful glow to any home!

Dimension: 150 x 150 x 50mm

Coppiceworks is the trading name of Anthony Scannell. Derived from the ancient practice of coppicing, a woodland management method which exploits the capacity of many tree species to send out new shoots once the tree has been cut back hard during the winter months. In his own woodland which he planted in 2005, he coppices hazel, corylus avellana to harvest new stems to make his hazel hiking sticks and to supply material for greenwood furniture making in West Cork. 

      When working indoors he creates lathe turned items such as pens, bowls and tea light holders from wood grown in County Cork and felled by storms or cut down for safety reasons. He works with elm, beech, yew, alder and hazel in particular. 


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