The Ends of Art Criticism

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At a time where there are repeated claims of the impending demise of art criticism, The Ends of Art Criticism seeks to dispel these myths by arguing that the lack of a single dominant voice in criticism is not, as some believe, a weakness, but a strength, allowing previously marginalised voices and new global and political perspectives to come to the fore.

An essential book for anyone interested in contemporary art criticism, The Ends of Art Criticism benefits from an author whose 30 years of experience as editor of Art Monthly magazine allows her to offer opinionated and thought-provoking insight into the many questions and debates surrounding current critical writing on art, including the relationship between artists and critics, the academicisation of critical discourse, and the relationship between art history and criticism.

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Paperback, 144 pages

130 x 200 x 10.16mm 

 01 Sep 2021



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