The Secret Life of Trees- Moira Butterfield/Vivian Mineker

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My arms stretch out all day long. I can be climbed, but I'm not a mountain. 
What am I?
I am Oakheart, the oldest tree in the forest!

Did you know that trees can talk to each other? Or that the oldest living thing is a tree? Let the ancient and mysterious Oakheart, the oldest and wisest tree in the forest, lead you through this beautiful guide to trees. Learn all about how they grow and survive, the many different types, why they are so important to humans, and tree folklore from around the world. Oakheart knows all the trees' secrets, and he's going to share them with you!

This collection of delightful stories and engaging facts will impart a love of nature, and inspire you to look after the world around you. Whimsical and detailed illustrations have pride of place in magical tales that mix natural history with a splash of fantasy, creating a book that you will pore over time and again.
Number of pages: 48 
Dimensions: 290 x 235 mm
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