Fat Eire 2

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The second issue of FAT ÉIRE aims to give a name and a collective public voice to the fat people of Ireland, and represents a population that is at once invisible and hypervisible. The project was created to give a voice to fat Irish people, and just as importantly, give those who read it new perspectives about fatness. It features works by Finola Cahill, Christina O'Sullivan, Ren McDonagh, Kasandra Ferguson, Pollyanna Joyce, Molly Nee, Aine O'Hara, Frances O'Dwyer, William Dwyer Joyce, Lavender the Queen, Michelle Leonard, Ruth Ennis, Samantha Stokes, Grace Cullen, and Jordan Shelley.

Bloomers is an Arts Council supported publishers based in Cork, Ireland that was founded in 2018. Initially, Bloomers produced two issues of Bloomers Magazine per year. It quickly evolved into a publishers aimed at collaborating with artists and writers based all over Ireland to produce exhibitions, talks events as well as printed and digital publications.

This is a soft-cover book measuring 18.5 cm by 15 cm.

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