Kintsugi repair Kit, Gold

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diy: the original new kintsugi repair kit by humade

fix all your broken ceramic with gold


The first easy to use DIY Kintsugi kit to repair broken ceramics with gold and treasure the beauty of imperfection based on the old Japanese art of Kintsugi, meaning gold repair.

Can be used multiple times and on different hard materials. 

Product specifications

  • Two component glue, gold or silver powder, a brush, bamboo stearing sticks and gloves
  • Putty to fill up missing bits and pieces
  • A step by step manual with detailed pictures

Practical information

  • One New Kintsugi Repair Kit can be used multiple times to fix up to 10 items (see picture)
  • Choice of gold or silver New Kintsugi Repair Kit
  • The New Kintsugi Repair Kit can be used on almost any other material such as glass, wood, marble or hard plastics
  • Please make sure to read the Kintsugi Kit manual before use 
  • When you are ready let it dry for 48 hours so the glue can fully set and than, al ready for use!
  • The glue has been used for many years to repair kitchen ware without any complaints but if you have any questions, please let us know. 

The New kintsugi repair kit: treasure the beauty of imperfection


Ancient history  

Kintsugi originated in the late 15th century when the emperor of Japan sent his damaged pottery back to Cishina for repairs. Upon its return, the emperor noticed ceramics were repaired using metal staples. He immediately ordered his craftsmen to come up with something more aesthetic. The result: kintsugi (gold repair). The art of kintsugi became so popular that collectors deliberately started smashing up valuable pottery… so it could be repaired with the gold seams of kintsugi.  



Driven by a sustainable mindset, Humade created the original New Kintsugi Repair Kit to encourage mending broken artefacts instead of throwing them away. Even more so: instead of focusing on its flaws, the golden seams emphasize the cracks and thus celebrate the beauty of imperfection. By repairing an object, the product becomes unique and personal. We won’t blame you if you deliberately start smashing up your favourite ceramics… 

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