Mon Premier Livre de Méditation

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This book offers your child an introduction to meditation through small meditation 
exercises and fun activities that are simple to perform. By practicing them regularly,
the child will learn to control their breathing, to relax their tensions, to manage their
stress and to concentrate better. The phrases of wisdom accompanying each meditation, and
the health tips delivered at the end of each activity, will allow you to accompany your
child and share privileged moments with him. A small book of well-being essential to discover meditation. The book is accompanied by an audio CD offering sessions of relaxation and musical
listening. The ideal complement to learn to do certain basic meditations alone,
but also by simply listening to experience a moment of relaxation. Music therapist and relaxologist, Gilles Diederichs has been transmitting his skills for
many years, both to the general public through his works, but also to early childhood
professionals and schools as a trainer and facilitator.
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