No Ordinary Life by Sara Jane Cromwell

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No Ordinary Life is a book that will make you cry, then laugh, then cry and laugh again. People who have read Sara-Jane's story are astounded by the imaginative ways she found to survive, overcome and thrive through the kinds of challenges that would have floored many others; and yet there is not a hint of her feeling like a victim. And even when she was at her lowest and most hopeless, she still found ways to get back up and start again.

Sara-Jane has been described as one of Ireland's best kept secrets. This is because very few people know of her work over the past decade and a half (and continues today), and how she has brought about a positive change in people's understanding and attitudes towards transgender issues and gender dysphoria in particular. If you are looking for a story to inspire you through these challenging times, then No Ordinary Life is that story. 

No Ordinary Life is Sara-Jane's third book; Becoming Myself was published in 2008 and Wrong Body Wrong Life in 2010.

Each copy is signed by the author.

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